Daventport Lodge School - Nursery and pre-school education for boys and girls
Davenport LOdge
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“The enrichment opportunities for extending pupils’ experiences beyond the classroom are outstanding”, ISI Inspection report 2009

planning is very detailed with co-ordinatiion taking place across the various classes to ensure continuity for children. staff use a variety of methods from whole class through to individual work

Alpha plus - the gold standard in education

The Curriculum

Davenport Lodge Nursery School aims to offer a curriculum which encompasses breadth, balance, progression and relevance taking due account of gender, ethnicity, personal and social development as well as equal opportunities for all children.

The Nursery School provides excellent care and education for EYFS children aged 0-5. The Early Years Foundation Stage has been laid down as statutory by the government. 

Davenport Lodge is proud of its young e-learners. A computer suite, classroom computers, laptops, iPad, interactive whiteboards and touch screens all support children's growing desire to get to grips with information technology. Davenport Lodge is delighted to be able to offer such IT facilities to its very young pupils.  

Dance, musical performances, and French all add up in the timetable to engage the creative young minds of our children. Children travel to outside venues from three years old to access short tennis, "Socatots" and multi-sports. These activities channel children's energies and maintain healthy minds in healthy bodies.

The Headmistress feels that "The learning experience in the school and nursery is enjoyable, engaging, rewarding and confidence building. Intellectual challenge is offered for each pupil as well as the opportunity to achieve very well in relation to their ability The Nursery School prepares pupils extremely well for the next stage of their education".