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Our axtivities are many and varied & include off-site visits, these have included; The Think Tank, Sea Life Centre, Coventry Cathedral & the Symphony Hall in Birmingham

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Kindergarten Fees (3, 4 and rising 5 year olds)

Registration Fee £50 (non refundable)

Full time place:  

£44.00 Full Day (7.50am to 6pm) 

Part time place:

£45.00  Full Day (7.50am to 6pm)

£27.50 Half Day (7.50am to 1pm or 1pm to 6pm)

We also offer a limited number of full time places for 38 weeks a year (please contact us for further information)

We offer 15 free hours each week (The Government Nursery Grant).  Please contact us for further information.

Kindergarten fees are calculated weekly and charged monthly in advance.

Kindergarten Fees include breakfast, snacks, drinks, 2 course lunch, milk, and a weekly (38 weeks per year) visit to the Alan Higgs Centre for PE fun.  Weekly activities also included are Dancing with Miss Chloe, French with Miss Jade and Kidkick with Miss Jacqui.

Attendance is not limited to 5 mornings or 5 afternoons, you may choose, for example, one full day, two mornings and one afternoon, subject to sessional availability)

Nursery Fees (0-2 years 11 months)

£960 per calendar month      Full time

£840 per calendar month      8 sessions per week

£630 per calendar month      6 sessions per week

£525 per calendar month      5 sessions per week

£420 per calendar month      4 sessions per week

Morning sessions: 7.50am to 1pm, Afternoon sessions: 1pm to 6pm. 

Full day (2 sessions): 7.50am to 6pm.

Fees include breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks, drinks, milk and nappies.  Our Little Owls children (2 years+) have a dance lesson each week. 

1. Review – fees and extras are subject to annual review and periodical increases.
2. Payment – fees are usually invoiced monthly and are due and payable by the first day of the month to which they relate.  A pupil may be excluded from the Nursery school at any time when fees are unpaid.
3. Cheques – should be made payable to “Davenport Lodge School” and all correspondence regarding fees and extras should be addressed to the Headmistress.
4. Cancelling acceptance of a Kindergarten or a Nursery place, or withdrawal - requires two month's notice in writing addressed to the Headmistress.  If such notice is not given, two month's fees in lieu of notice is payable.

These notes are subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be obtained from the Principal.
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